19 June 2009

Ken McCown on Flickr

Arizona State University Associate Professor Ken McCown, and friend of Places and Spaces, keeps a pretty awesome flickr photostream. He has over 2,200 photos online, but the collection includes sketches and studio illustrations, too. He has images from deYoung, Cornerstone, OK City Memorial, the Getty, and works by Turrell. This is very open source, since he has it all posted under a creative commons license, so educators and designers and alums can all take advantage of this great resource. Picking just a few photos to share was pretty hard, so you should dig through the collection.

As far as I can tell, this serves not only as a resource for us, but probably for him. Posting them forces a deeper awareness of the images and organizes some of it in his mind. It also lets him access the images from Flickr seems to be standing the test of time so I think it is time I got serious about posting more of my images on there too.

His photos have me inspired to set up a Flickr stream this summer, too. It can't come close to his, but it might help me organize my photos a little better.

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