12 June 2009

Earth from Way Above

After watching the beautiful imagery in Home, I couldn't help but think how going aerial helps separate us from the familiar in a way that helps see things in a different perspective. Another great example of this is satellite imagery. While many remotely sensed images are more data than aesthetics, Jay Hart has sifted through countless available images and created some striking posters that he sells at EarthPattern.com.

For many of our readers, the should be relatively easy to identify, but his colors and cropping do a great job of keeping that from being the primary way we look at these. For instance, in that last one, stripping out the state lines and roads help emphasize the sweep of the Appalachian Mountains into the upper South and changes the way we see the draw of the Alabama and Mobile Rivers down into Mobile Bay. We often think we know the landscapes in which have lived for years, but images like these give us the opportunity to see something new through a something of a macroscope.

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