16 June 2009

James Corner's House

The NY Times Sunday Magazine visited landscape architect James Corner at home.

This is a feature where the Q&A is printed as popcorn conversation (No telling if that is how it happens in person). When asked about professional misconceptions, he complained about the assumption that we only deal with plants. While he gave some very serious answers, he was surprisingly open in giving a few that weren't so serious or guarded:

FAVORITE MOVIE: “The Bourne Ultimatum.” It’s just so fast. It really is a movie that doesn’t have a wasted minute. It is so compelling to watch.I watch it again and again.

PET PEEVE ABOUT PUBLIC SPACES: Sameness. What makes cities great is their difference and variety. For me the best public spaces are eccentric, unique and of their time, and they don’t tend toward bland populism.

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