19 June 2009

The Places and Spaces citation index

Many ages ago (in Internet years) I posted a list of highly cited papers in Landscape Architecture Magazine and the Landscape Journal. This seemed like a good time to update those lists. I am relying on the semi-reliable Google Scholar (LJ isn't included in the major indexes because it isn't quarterly) and came up with these as the most cited Landscape Journal papers of all time:
  • Messy Ecosystems, Orderly Frames by Joan Nassauer, 1995 - 113 citations
  • Perceptual Landscape Simulations: History and Prospect by Zube, Simcox and Law, 1987 - 72 citations
  • A Framework for Theory Applicable to the Education of Landscape Architects (and Other Environmental Design Professionals by Carl Steinitz, 1990 - 59 citations
  • Prospects and refuges revisited by Jay Appleton, 1984 - 57 citations
  • An ecological aesthetic for forest landscape management by Paul Gobster, 1999 - 52 citations
The only change in order of the LJ list is that Appleton and Gobster switched places. The order for Landscape Architecture Magazine hasn't changed much either except for the insertion of the rural landscape paper by the late Erv Zube.
  • The beholding eye: Ten versions of the same scene by DW Meinig, 1976 - 78 citations
  • Hand drawn overlays: their history and prospective uses by C Steinitz, P Parker, L Jordan, 1976 - 62 citations
  • Quality corridors for Wisconsin by Phil Lewis, 1964 - 44 citations
  • Rating everyday rural landscapes of the Northeastern US, E Zube, 1973 - 30 citations
  • Cellular worlds-models for dynamic conceptions of landscape by RM Itami, 1988 - 21
The dates on these reflect that LAM used to be a more serious outlet for academics, while in the last few decades Landscape Journal has taken on that role. If you didn't see it, th emost recent issue of the Journal includes a paper by Matt Powers and Jason Walker analyzing authorship and content of the last 25 years of the Journal.

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