10 June 2009

LAM on Blogging

The latest issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine features Places and Spaces in a Dan Jost article on blogging (Preview). And, LAM was nice enough to ask me to contribute a sidebar piece as well. Jost looked into a variety of issues including who benefits, who reads them, how to connect with blogging, and whether you can make any money from advertising. As a basis for this he looked closely at several major and minor blogs out here including:
This was a real honor for me because I've been reading LAM since I had a high school internship (many years ago) with Mark Arnold and started flipping through his office copies. Since then I have gone back and collected most of the issues from the mid-1970s to today. I had hoped to get published in LAM for my design work or my revolutionary ideas on integrating geospatial information into landscape interventions, but since those aren't ready yet I'll happily settle for this. And a special thanks goes to Jimmy Brosius who helped with the photograph.

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